#ASA2012 panel notes: Speculative Visions of Alternate Worlds and Near Futures Beyond Empire

I’ve used Storify to share the combination of tweets and notes in which I archived this #ASA2012 panel––one of the most exciting and relevant to my work that I attended.

Moderator: Janani Subramanian (USC)
Participants: Shelley Streeby (UCSD)
Curtis Marez (UCSD)
Chera Kee (Wayne State)
J. Christopher Cunningham (New Jersey City University)
Emma Pérez (U of Colorado Boulder)

As with my other ASA archives, please contact the cited speakers about their ideas––the notes are what I think I heard, and I may be wrong.

A combination of tweets and notes, archiving the #ASA2012 panel with Shelley Streeby, Curtis Marez, Chera Kee, Chris Cunningham, and Emma Perez.


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