the first of a few upcoming publication announcements

Since this semester began, I’ve been in one of those phases where as soon as one piece of work finishes, you dash madly on to the next deadline without raising your head. I’ve created several half-finished blog posts during that time, including notes from my time at the second Critical Ethnic Studies conference––that one at least will eventually be posted.

For the moment, though, I want to share one of the products of my recent busy-ness (well, of last semester’s busy-ness, really).

In the dim and distant past when I was working on my first dissertation chapter, I talked about it with L. Timmel Duchamp, who runs the feminist science fiction publisher at Aqueduct Press. I told her about the earliest text I had worked on in my historical exploration of popular feminist utopias, Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett’s 1889 New Amazonia: A Foretaste of the Future. She was intrigued; I shared the PDF version I had scanned from microfiche with her; and it just so happens that Aqueduct has a fairly new Heirloom Books imprint with this set of goals:

Aqueduct Press’s series of Heirloom Books aims to bring back into print and preserve work that has helped make feminist science fiction what it is today —work that though clearly of its time is still pleasurable to read, work that is thought-provoking, work that can still speak powerfully to readers. The series takes its name from the seeds of old- er strains of vegetables, so valuable and in danger of being lost. Our hope is to keep these books from being lost, as works that do not make it into the canon so often are.

Fast forward a couple of years, and New Amazonia will be the third volume in the Heirloom series. Details are here; it will be in print in early 2014. I will post again and share more of the details when it actually comes out…

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