New worlds

I am overdue on a few announcements here; let me start with the biggest one.

This fall, I will be moving to the Washington, DC area to start a new position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Women’s Studies at University of Maryland College Park. I will be joining the Program in LGBT Studies as it becomes a part of Women’s Studies, and I’m looking forward to being a part of this changing moment for gender and sexuality studies at Maryland. I will also be teaching in the undergraduate honors college as part of the Design | Culture & Creativity program, a first- and second-year interdisciplinary living-learning program focused on digital culture and featuring the spec-fictional tagline of a curriculum for “independent thinkers and problem solvers who imagine that which does not yet exist.”

As will hopefully be clear from all that, this position could not be more of a dream job; it feels tailor-made for my idiosyncratic collection of interests, and it will give me the scope to explore them in ways I am only beginning to imagine. And College Park is, of course, the home of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, as well as so many scholars – in my new department and elsewhere – whose work I have been reading and engaging for years. I am honored and overjoyed beyond words to have this opportunity.

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