Teaching Experience

Courses Taught (more details at the Classes page)

University of Maryland College Park (Assistant Professor)

Graduate courses in Women’s/LGBT Studies

  • WMST 601. Producing Feminist Knowledge: Worldmaking and Critique in the Face of Violence. Core required seminar for Women’s Studies PhD and Graduate Certificate students. Fall 2016, 2017.

Undergraduate courses in Women’s/LGBT Studies:

  • WMST 350: Feminist Pedagogy. Supervision of two undergraduate teaching assistants for LGBT 200 while they undertake independent research in conjunction with the class. Spring 2016.
  • WMST 498: Transforming Cultures and Technologies: Gender, Race, and Digital Media. Fall 2015.
  • LGBT 488: Queer Futures. Senior seminar in LGBT Studies. Spring 2015.
  • LGBT 200: Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies. Fall 2014; Spring 2016.

Design Cultures & Creativity:

  • HDCC 208J: Media, Culture, and Identity. Second-year honors seminar. Fall 2015, 2016, 2017.
  • HDCC 106: Gender, Race, and Labor in the Digital World. First-year honors seminar. Spring 2015, 2016.


Indiana University of Pennsylvania, English Department (Assistant Professor)

  • English 985: Archives and Feelings: A Seminar in Critical Methodologies and Cultural Politics. 
Fall 2013. Doctoral seminar on critical theories of affect and the archive, focused on interdisciplinary studies of gender and race.
  • English 985: Sexuality, Race, and Space: Queer Literary and Cultural Theory. Summer 2013. Doctoral seminar on intersectional queer studies approaches to literature and culture.
  • English 762/862: American Futures: Science Fiction, Media, and Culture in the 20th Century.  Spring 2013. Cross-listed masters and doctoral seminar focusing on how speculative cultural production operates as a mode of engagement with and intervention into discourses of technology, culture, gender, and race.
  • Women’s Studies 200: Gender, Power, and Social Change: Introduction to Women’s Studies. Spring 2014.
  • English 225: Identity, History, and Imagination: Introduction to Literature by Women. Spring 2014.
  • English 121: Humanities Literature. Taught in 2013 as Dreams and Machines: Technology, Identity and Imagination and in 2012 as Rage Against the Machine: Literature, Technology, Society.
  • English 101: Writing, Reading, Thinking, and Socializing in the Age of Digital Media. Fall 2012 (two sections); Spring 2013 (two sections).

University of Southern California, Thematic Option Honors Program (Assistant Lecturer)

  • Thematic Option 112: Future Generations: Narratives of Reproductive Speculation (Spring 2011)
  • Thematic Option 111: Writing Seminar 1: Authority, Love, and Rebellion (Fall 2010)

University of Southern California, Rossier School of Education SummerTIME Program (Instructor)

  • Writing the Unspoken: Gender, Sexuality, Race, and Violence (Summer 2009)

University of Southern California, Department of Gender Studies (Teaching Assistant)

  • 210: Social Issues in Gender. Teaching Assistant to Judith Halberstam (Spring 2009)

University of Southern California, Writing Program (Assistant Lecturer)

  • Writing 140: Argument and Analysis for Earthlings and Others (Fall 2008). Taught in conjunction with Philosophy 137: Social Ethics for Earthlings and Others, taught by Sharon Lloyd.
  • Writing 140: Writing, Race, and Social Change (Fall 2007; Spring 2008). Taught in conjunction with American Studies 252: Black Social Movements in the USA (Fall 2007; Robin Kelley); American Studies 101: Race and Class in LA (Spring 2008; Sarah Gualtieri).


Research Supervision (completed)

Dissertation committees

  • Melissa Rogers, PhD Candidate, Women’s Studies, University of Maryland College Park. Dissertation: “Soft Circuitry: Methods for Queer and Trans Feminist Maker Cultures.” Defended Fall 2017.
  • Lauren Shoemaker, PhD Candidate, English Literature and Criticism, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Dissertation: “Structures of Terror in Caribbean Women’s Writing.” Defended Spring 2017.
  • Jessica Lloyd Krenek, PhD in Theatre and Performance with Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies, University of Maryland College Park. Dissertation: “You never want to be a story on a podcast: Sexuality, Gender, and the Performance of Wrestling Fan Culture.” Defended Spring 2017.
  • Avery Dame, PhD in Women’s Studies, University of Maryland College Park. Dissertation: “Talk Amongst Yourselves: On Transgender Community Online.” Defended Spring 2017.
  • Jarah Moesch, PhD in American Studies with Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies, University of Maryland College Park. Dissertation: “Designing the Sick Body: Structuring Illness in the Techno-Material Age.” Committee member. Defended Fall 2016.
  • Kathryn Kein, PhD in American Studies, George Washington University. Dissertation: “Hysterical Feminism: Humor, Affect, and Comedy’s Role in the Movement for Women’s Liberation, 1955-1990.” Outside committee member for dissertation defended Spring 2016.
  • Forrest Helvie, PhD in English Literature and Criticism, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Dissertation: “Capes and the Canon: Comic Book Superheroes and Canonical American Literature.” Defended Fall 2013.

International doctoral theses examined

  • Natalie Krikowa, Doctor of Creative Arts, University of Technology Sydney. Thesis: “Artemis: Foregrounding Queer Voices Using Transmedia Storytelling.” Examined November 2016.

Comprehensive exam committees at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

  • Eliza Albert (Travel and Identity in 20th/21st-Century Fiction, Indiana U of PA)
  • Luke Chwala (Queer Theory and Sexuality Studies, Indiana U of PA)
  • Brandon Galm (Multi-Ethnic Literature on Race, Place, Space, and Nature, Indiana U of PA)
  • Julia Grove (20th-Century Modern and Postmodern Temporality, Indiana U of PA)
  • Amy Klemm (Queer Theory / Gender Studies, Indiana U of PA)
  • Jason Lulos (Literature of Rebellion, Indiana U of PA)
  • Thomas Powers (Queer Theory and Sexuality Studies, Indiana U of PA)
  • Stacy Santoro-Murphy (Women Writing Illness and Disability, Indiana U of PA)
  • Lauren Shoemaker (Queer Critiques of Environment and Empire, Indiana U of PA)
  • Rochelle Spencer (Literary Postmodernism and the Afro-Futurist Writer, Indiana U of PA)
  • Rob Welch (Affect Theory, Indiana U of PA).

Graduate independent study supervision topics

  • Speculative Gender in Feminist Science Fiction (University of Maryland College Park)
  • Queer of Color Critique (University of Maryland College Park)
  • Marxist Theory and Science Fiction (Indiana U of PA)
  • Feminist Theory and Science Fiction (Indiana U of PA)
  • Queer Theory, Race, and the Transnational (Indiana U of PA)
  • Queer Comics Studies (Indiana U of PA)


Selected Guest Lectures

  • “Fandom, Gender, Power, and Skyler.” Lecture for HONR 348F: Deconstructing Breaking Bad (Prof. Andrew Scahill). April 14, 2015
  • “Creativity, Critique and Popular Culture: Digital Remix Video in Context.” Lecture for DCC 105: Perspectives on Digital Culture and Creativity (Profs. Krista Caballero and Jarah Moesch). September 30, 2014.
  • “Women and Film.” Lecture for Communication 325: Women and Communication, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. (Prof. Nurhaya Muchtar). October 15, 2013.
  • “Transformative Work.” Skype visit to Film and Media Culture / Women’s and Gender Studies 358, Theories of Spectatorship, Middlebury College. (Prof. Louisa Stein). April 24, 2013.
  • “Katharine Burdekin’s Proud Man.” Lecture on the 1933 novel’s use of science fiction strategies to theorize about gendered futures for Communication 620: Science Fiction as Media Theory, USC. (Prof. Henry Jenkins). August 31 2011.
  • “Virginia Woolf’s Three Guineas.” Lecture on the content, style and context of Woolf’s essay for CORE 102: Culture and Values: Authority, Love, and Rebellion, USC. (Prof. William Handley). November 17 2010.
  • “Fannish Vidding.” Lecture on the history and practice of fan video and its engagement with feminism for Communication 620, Fandom and Participatory Culture, USC. (Prof. Henry Jenkins). March 1 2010.
  • “Popular Culture and Classic Poetry: Watchmen’s ‘Ozymandias.'” Lecture on literary presences in contemporary media for English 2, Critical Analysis and Intermediate Composition, Santa Monica Community College. (Prof. Dana Del George). October 27 2009. Available to view online.
  • “Happy Families / Queer Utopias.” Lecture on queer activism and utopianism for Gender Studies 210, Social Issues in Gender, USC. (Prof. Judith Halberstam). April 28 2009.
  • “Re-Making Media: Fan Culture.” Lecture on fan cultural production and academic fan studies for Communication 384: Interpreting Popular Culture, USC. (Laura Portwood-Stacer). First given October 13 2008; updated version given April 6 2011.
  • “New Media and Fan Participation: Vidding.” Lecture on fans’ appropriative video art for Arts and Letters 100: Fan Obsession, Imitation and Expertise in Literature and Culture, USC. (Prof. Karen Tongson). First given November 13 2008; updated version given January 19 2011.

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