DIY Video conference

This weekend, I am excited to be attending the 24/7 DIY Media Summit at USC. All day Friday and Saturday, there are screenings of assorted sorts of amateur video — activist independent media, political and personal YouTube-type things, machinima, anime music video and fanvidding. I’m most excited about the activist and vidding segments. The vidding strand is curated by Laura Shapiro, who I’ve known online for a little while and am very excited to meet. I also can’t wait to see all those vids and videos on a really big screen.

Activist media is probably a fairly self-explanatory category; if you don’t know what vidding is, it’s when fans edit together clips from TV shows to music to make a narrative, artistic, interpretive or political point. Here are some
older and more recent examples (this one completely obsesses me), with critical commentary from Francesca Coppa, Tisha Turk, Louisa Stein, Jacqueline Kjono, and Kristina Busse respectively, from the media studies blog In Media Res.

I’ll try to post more substantively about vids and such after the conference.

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