queer love

On Valentine’s Day, that bastion of corporatized heteronormativity, I’d like to share this beautiful project of queer love poetry from many wonderful artists and scholars––several of whom I am lucky enough to call friends and collaborators.

Glitter Tongue

It’s much more wonderful than a card; check it out.


Transformative critical fan creation is a kind of queer love that has nourished me both intellectually and in other ways. I’ll be presenting some of the ways I’ve incorporated queer fannish love into my theories of new media and temporality at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on February 25, as graduate student keynote at the Midwestern Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference on “Interdisciplinarity for the Future”.

There’s information about my talk (and a vid to watch, which the organizers added to my abstract––making me feel a lot of queer scholarly love) at the UWM website here: “Futures Without Closure: Queer Fandom and the Reconfiguration of Media Time”

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  1. Duc Dau

    Hi Alexis,

    I stumbled across your website while researching for a paper on fandom around a queer, interspecies, Victorian-era couples on Dr Who. Really enjoying and appreciating your posts.



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