an interesting video: sound and vision

I haven’t posted here in a while; most of my blog-related energy has been going into my teaching. And this is not necessarily a queerly geeky post of the kind I usually make; just a brief excerpt from my day’s web wandering. But a video by Todd Selby, at which I arrived via this wonderful forum on disability, technology, and academia, has been fascinating me. It shows some of the work and process of Christine Sun Kim, an artist who is deaf and works with sound, with the ways it can be felt and seen. The video itself uses both ambient sound and music to create images of the artist at work that I find quite hypnotic.

I don’t especially have ways to connect this to my work, although I have been thinking about the ways vidders use music in conjunction with visuals, and wondering what ways there might be to engage that beyond the focus on lyrics that is easiest to access. I just love the way she talks about her visceral, embodied experience of sound, and all the technological and painterly tinkering that is her process of making art with it.

Christine Sun Kim, A Selby Film from the selby on Vimeo.

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