Embodied digital humanities: a few links

When I set up this website, I decided to commit to blogging once a month. That hasn’t exactly happened since I embarked on the tenure track… It hasn’t been for lack of activity, though. Most recently, I had a generative and wonderful time attending the George Washington Digital Humanities Initiative Symposium on Disrupting DH. Jonathan Hsy wrote a wonderful summary post about it here: #GWDHI and Embodied Digital Communities: Openness, Danger, Care.

I have been thinking a lot about the relationship between digital humanities and embodied communities because I am working on a chapter for a new Companion to Digital Humanities, focused on gender and digital humanities work. I’ve been using the opportunity to think about DH in the broadest sense, and so far my rough draft goes from Turing’s imitation game to women of color’s unacknowledged labor in the production of digital devices to cyberfeminism to feminist archives, Wikipedia activism, and #transformDH. As part of my research, I went back to my timeline of tweets from the 2014 ASA Convention, in particular to the panel This Bridge We Call Cyberspace. I made a Storify archive so that I could refer to and reflect on them more easily; for anyone else who might want to do so, the link is at Women of Color Feminist Digital Humanities at #2014ASA