Queer Speculations: the first event

This week, Tavia Nyong’o was on campus for the first installment of Queer Speculations, the LGBT Studies lecture series and conference (April 17!) that I have been working on this semester along with my new colleagues. We have a rather wonderful poster, incidentally, created by Mira Azarm:

Queer Spec poster image

I livetweeted as much of the talk as I could, as did some other attendees; Tavia made many associative connections that are both perfectly and not at all captured in 140-character chunks.

Deep Time, Dark Time: Kara Walker’s Anarchaeology

It was a joy to introduce Tavia and take part in the colloquium on his work the next day, where we talked about Beasts of the Southern Wild, disciplinarity, British vs American cultural studies, and many other things. And this is just the first of several events this semester!