Queer Speculations: Twitter archive

Almost a week ago, we had the culmination of my first year at UMD: the DC Queer Studies Symposium, Queer Speculations.

From the opening sessions to the celebratory dancing afterward, it was a really wonderful experience that left me feeling incredibly lucky to be in my current position. Plenary talks by Ramzi Famaz and Shanté Paradigm Smalls were inspiring (and followed by a great discussion of queer of color comics critique), and Juana María Rodríguez’s keynote “Feeling Queerly, Knowing Otherwise” was both sexy and unsettling in the best ways.

All of the talks I attended were really impressive, though, and I wished for a couple of clones so that I could have attended all three simultaneous panels. In the talks I did attend, though, I got to offer psychoanalytic help for a troubled software program, contemplate the contradictions and possibilities in queer insurrection and queer optimism, experience the uses of digital storytelling in Native queer communities, delve into decolonizing queer ecologies and black queer futures, and a lot more.

I’ve archived the tweets on the conference hashtag using Storify and organized them by panel for  – you can read the whole day below.

DC Queer Studies Conference. 17 April 2015. University of Maryland College Park.


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