NWSA panel “What Do Trigger Warnings Trigger?” Featuring more speakers than the program announces!

Tomorrow (November 17, 2017) I will be at the National Women’s Studies Association annual conference in Baltimore. I am chairing a roundtable at 9.30am in the Baltimore Convention Center Room 348.

This post is to let anyone attending the conference know that we will have two additional speakers who are not named in the program book! Jessica Marie Johnson and Amanda Phillips will be there along with me and Christina Hanhardt; aren’t you itching to find out what we all have to say on this subject?

Here’s our panel description:

What Do Trigger Warnings Trigger? A Roundtable on Intersectionality, Safety, and Harm

Controversies over trigger warnings illuminate the complex and contradictory ways that race, gender, class, and disability are articulated through the language of violence, vulnerability, and trauma. Which images, narratives, and acts of violence are deemed worthy of a warning, and by whom? How does the framework of “warning” shape understandings of the politics of cultural production? What intersectional feminist histories and genealogies, from the Combahee River Collective’s Black Feminist Statement to the Platform from the Movement for Black Lives to radical disability studies approaches to interdependence and vulnerability, might help us to frame debates about trigger warnings in new directions?