Love is the Plan the Plan is Death / Sons and Daughters (Battlestar Galactica) (2008)

Sons and Daughters (Love is the Plan the Plan is Death) (2008)

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This vid was created in an effort to explore and to share the ways that Battlestar Galactica’s depictions of technology captured my attention. The Cylons were a source of endless fascination, constantly teetering on the verge of embodying every fascinating trope of science fiction’s almost-human technological others. Their fictional history as slaves of human society demanded their perspective be taken seriously, yet the actual representations of that perspective were fairly incoherent, tangling with anxieties around digital media through the Cylons wireless networking. I hoped to offer a playful, yet slightly serious, sympathetic perspective on the Cylons here. As I’ve written academic work about Battlestar Galactica (it features in the epilogue of my book manuscript), I hope to update this vid or perhaps make a sequel to audiovisually explore my more recent thoughts on Cylon theory.

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