The Future Stops Here

The Future Stops Here (2008)

Alternative embed (use the password dystopia)

The first vid I created, this vid visualizes many aspects of the engagement with reproduction, feminism, and race I was developing as I worked on my first dissertation chapter. It explores the visual representation of imagined authoritarian futures in three films of the late 2000s: Children of Men, V for Vendetta, and 28 Days Later. All three films imagine London (a city in which I have lived and which I love) in various stages of apocalypse. I was interested in the texture and the detail of their future visions, especially the work that fictional media does in shaping the world on the screen, as well as in the central female characters––who are by and large subordinated to male figures, yet who are responsible for driving the narratives.

I also used Flash to create an interactive framework of annotations and short-form, manifesto-style writings in which to embed my vid: The future is coming to get you. What are you going to do about it?,

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