WisCon 35

I am on my way to WisCon 35 this weekend. WisCon is a feminist science fiction convention that combines critical analysis and celebration of feminist literature and media, fannish overexcitement, social justice activism around gender, race, class and sexuality, and lots of brainstorming about ideas of how to change the world for the better. It’s one of my favourite places to spend a weekend. This year I’m screening fan videos, talking about my experience as a Tiptree juror, and participating in a discussion about class in science fiction and fantasy.

I will also be editing the sixth volume of the WisCon Chronicles, published by Aqueduct Press. The Chronicles is a volume of reflections, transcripts, academic papers and other documents that emerge from WisCon. I will be soliciting for contributions at the convention, on the theme “Futures of Feminism and Fandom”; you can read more about the collection, and ask questions, here.

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